a new page

March 8, 2011

two minutes for baking is where i will be found now. this will no longer be updated, and everything here will be exported back to a wordpress hosted blog

farewell, pandas and cupcakes!


starting anew

March 7, 2011

so if you’ve noticed any of the following
-lack of posts
-last post being about hockey

my interests have shifted. a lot. i want to find a way to incorporate both my love still for baking and the like and also post about hockey. i will be letting pandasandcupcakes.com expire coming up in the next 2 weeks and starting something new. I will move the blog back to its wordpress hosted page, and start something new.

🙂 i think this will make me want to write again, so we’ll see. I’m in the midst of brainstorming new names so we’ll see.


Apparently now I write about Thrashers, which are not food: shut up and sit down (in a seat, somewhere in Philips Arena)

February 16, 2011

…then you can talk again. But don’t talk, yell, clap, cheer, scream. Something. Get up too.
So in the end this title makes no sense. But that’s not the point.

The point is, I am sick of Atlanta Spirit, I am sick of people who think the thing to do is not go to watch the Thrashers. Yes I am using my blog that is about food that I haven’t felt like updating to talk about hockey now.

Where do I start? Let’s start with my reading of someone saying a bunch of people didn’t renew their season tickets for this season. That’s too bad. I went to one game in 2008-2009, two in 2009-2010, and I’m on my way to at least 13 for this season. Just because some people are fleeing doesn’t mean others are coming in. I’ve even created a convert.

I posted November 2009 about how much I loved the Pittsburgh Penguins…that love has subsided somewhat for the Thrashers. I know, that sounds ridiculously impossible, but it really happened. This probably would have been another season of 2 games…just the Penguins games…but my parents came down here and wanted to go to the game against the Blackhawks. Unable to cheer for them ever, I cheered on the Thrashers. My mom was not happy with this, which was hilarious because this entire thing was just bandwagoning on my parents’ part in my head, and told me to “remember my roots.”
Well. After thinking for 2 minutes, I recalled that the only hockey games we ever attended in Chicago were Wolves games (this was also the time when nobody would go to Blackhawks games), and the Wolves are the AHL affiliate for the Thrashers so…I was taken in just like that.

If you don’t give a shit about Atlanta, we don’t give a shit about what you have to say to be quite honest. At least I don’t, and I’m the only person who counts here. There is always an extremely stupid bias from fans of teams not in the south towards those teams. No, this team does not belong somewhere else just because you think you know everything about Atlanta. You’re obviously scum anyway that you don’t care about other hockey fans and would happily see them lose their team. Yes, I am sorry you lost your precious Nordiques way back, and you want them back, but wishing for the downfall of a franchise elsewhere is just disgusting.

Similarly, dwelling on the past doesn’t do shit for actual Thrashers fans either. What’s done is done. Players are not going to magically decide they want to come play for this team again, especially after years. Yes, it sucks, but it’s time to move forward.

Protesting by not attending games in person is straight up stupid. If you support the team staying in Atlanta, you need to get in there. There are tons of ways to get tickets at discounts, whether it’s some sort of multi ticket deal or the weekday ticket deal, or the Chick-Fil-A package. Hell, just today there’s a 3 game package for $53 in the 300 level goal end sides…and they’re great games. I have friends in Ontario and Quebec who threaten to move here, one in Montreal did say today that $53 would just get them one ticket in a similar spot at Bell Centre.

The way to bring around a change is for us to fill that arena up with support. We’re supporting the team, not the clowns who own it. They aren’t the ones out there on the ice. If anyone else is supposed to buy or invest in this team, they need to see that fans support the Thrashers. Sitting at home bitching about Atlanta Spirit will not solve anything.

Take someone who has never watched hockey, you never know if you can make someone a fan unless they watch. Hockey is not like any other sport out there, and people have so many misconceptions about it. Take someone, let them see how it really works, because there is nothing like a live hockey game.

Don’t bring yourself down by reading bullshit from other “fans” about relocation. There are teams getting help from the NHL to stay where they are, so why would Atlanta be skipped over? If you want to pretend there is no bias against southern teams, you never read the Bogosian trade rumors article where he was apparently a forward. The team is not going to up and move at the end of this season by any means, because then that moved team would also have really stupid owners.

The article today to me honestly shouldn’t come as a huge shock or surprise. It’s an attention grabber for a reason. Hopefully it attracts someone, along with this website.
I would love to see Arthur Blank buy them even if it was just a minority share of the team. I know he’s expressed interest in other teams in Atlanta and this is the time. Also follow what they say about contacting the mayor and the governor. The more, the better. We need to be heard.

I would bet money that if the involvement of Atlanta Spirit was reduced there would be a nice little positive relationship with amount of people who attend. But I wouldn’t even wait for that, we need to get in there at games and drive them out.

See you there in 13 days.


just a note

January 11, 2011

1. this storm can die now, I wanna go outside
2. probably the only thing I will be posting until May will be things related to Baked Sunday Mornings.
3. and then May you will enjoy updates from Europe 🙂

I did not participate on Jan 2 because I have not found a tart pan but I plan on getting through Baked Expeditions entirely at some point.

For now, I’ll be going crazy because I need to get out. I made my way to Target earlier, but nobody has done anything to help out the ice inside my apartment complex or on sidewalks so I have no interest in falling on my ass anymore.


Baked Sunday Mornings: Monkey Bubble Bread

December 19, 2010

Let’s just say if it’s not too warm anywhere and your pan is very insulated, you’ll have a good time waiting hours for breakfast that ends up waiting until noon. Also do not throw the bread when flipping the pan over to invert the bread….you will break it, and it will not be pretty, and despite your best efforts to play building blocks, it will never feel the same so you hide it from pictures.

This is pretty fun to make, pretty time consuming but totally awesome. I am here to say it is possible to make this without any sort of paddle or bread hook attachments for a mixer. So don’t let that keep you from making it, I used the spiral beaters from mine…I have no idea what that ~official~ name is but they worked just fine. I just had to add a tablespoon or two of flour for the dough to be perfect.

It tastes amazing. Thankfully I easily get sick of the flavor so after 4 pieces I am done. My boyfriend on the other hand is a whole different story…now I just want lunch as I’m finally finishing this.

To see other people’s monkey bread, head over to the Baked Sunday Mornings entry for it!


Baked Sunday Mornings(…Tuesday Evenings?): Sweet & Salty Brownies

December 7, 2010

Since there are no hockey games I am interested in tonight, and I am actually awake and not slumped over on a couch, I HAVE A BLOG POST. REALLY!

Upon seeing the Nutella Scones made for the First BAKED Sunday Mornings recipe, I decided I 1) needed to buy Baked Explorations and 2) needed to join this group for the next recipe. Blog posts are SUPPOSED to be posted on Sunday mornings as OBVIOUSLY indicated by the name, but ever since my birthday I have had one illness after the other. Finally, I am well enough to bake and eat a brownie, despite still not having an appetite.

These are ridiculous. I’ve never made the regular Baked Brownie, but I wouldn’t bother as salted caramel is the way into my heart. I have never made caramel before, and it is way easy, and I am still proud.

I could eat it from the pot. I really could.

So I messed up when I made them…I am still a bit out of it, so I poured way too much batter in at first, then of course way too much caramel, and I ended up swirling the caramel into the brownie batter in order to save everything. This worked out just fine…but seriously when it says don’t overdo the caramel in the recipe, LISTEN. TO. IT.
I also didn’t use Fleur de Sel because I refuse to buy it until I am in France. So, California Sea Salt is all I have for right now, sorry baking gods. Also, for coarse sugar, I could not resist silver sugar.

Now I will be freezing the rest of these to take home for Christmas. The extra caramel sauce is not going with, as I will be eating it over the next few days on its own.

Baker Assistant Panda and I await our next recipe, until then check out everyone else’s brownies!

Since I really do want to bake through this entire book, I will be doing the Nutella scones one of these days, probably not until March though. That way, I can actually make them on a Sunday morning, as I used to make scones every so often before F1 races!


NaNoWriMo…and food.

November 10, 2010

I am participating in (and terribly behind on) NaNoWriMo – National Novel Writing Month. My “novel” is about a couple who with a lot of luck, take off on a road trip from Atlanta, making a giant loop across the US, into Canada, and back.
I have found it hilarious lately to see how I have been including their stops to eat in here, which I will credit to normally writing about food when not writing about the functions of the government of Zimbabwe (or lack thereof).
It’s quite fun even though I am like a good 5,000 words back from where I should be, but I get to make every single word up once I have names and streets and directions…I don’t know how the food is in the middle of Mississippi, but I can find how to get there on Google Maps and come up with a general idea of how it might taste.
One day I am going to do this trip for real…I may not have a Swedish boyfriend who won a hundred grand in a lottery and bought us an Audi convertible to drive, that will somehow never break down, but doing the food research makes me want to actually visit places.
And my trip would definitely be during hockey season…
So, between this and uh…yeah…hockey season, that explains why I have nothing to post. I tried. I have somehow fallen for the Thrashers because they are endearing and local. Who knew you could apply your enjoyment of eating local food to deciding you can be partially a fan of a local team? DOESN’T WORK FOR BASKETBALL OR FOOTBALL SORRY BYE!