March 24, 2009

So, finally now…after months of claiming I was gonna do it…blog…I has it.

I have more to say than Twitter can allow. Livejournal just bores me. Last time I had a blog, I think it was for the fake band a couple of friends and I had created…and now, I am here.

So, background information would be good, right? I’m Amanda, but because of the past couple years and my love of pandas, I prefer to just be Panda. Or Manda Panda. Funny though, two years ago if you called me Manda Panda, I probably would have stabbed you with the nearest sharp object. I am 21, my birthday is around Thanksgiving, and I am originally from Illinois and I like to pretend I don’t live in Tennessee. I prefer Georgia. Or at least I prefer Atlanta to Tennessee. It could be the pandas, it could be the better variety of food, it could be that I always see awesome cars, or it could be my boyfriend. I am going to school and I am going to major in Economics and I am going to be more amazing than I already am. I am also making a weak attempt at learning Italian.

Then one day, because obviously by the name pandas and CUPCAKES, I am going to have a cupcake bakery. It will combine my love for cupcakes and cars. I am pretty much in love with Formula 1 and American Le Mans, so basically I am happy until the beginning of November now. I also really love my own car of course, my beloved baby Integra.

I am also pretty into music. For some reason I became totally obsessed with electronic music in 2007 and it hasn’t stopped. I’ve gone through a lot of phases…from NSync in 1999 to J-Pop in 2002 to indie rock in 2004 to then electro. But I will admit…I still love me some NSync on occasion and I definitely have a soft spot for pop remixes. But mainly I just like to dance. The best thing ever was when I saw Danger perform on Valentine’s Day. It was pretty much incredible. I also love movies, thanks to taking a film class last semester. I have over 100 movies in my Netflix queue. It will probably stay this way for some time. There’s always more to add.

So, my plans for this blog are pretty simple. I want to share with the world my amazing adventures. I want to tell people about places I go, movies I see, things I make. And nobody will probably read them but that’s okay! We’ll see how it goes. For the time being, you can find me on twitter.