Caribbean Sunshine Cupcakes

April 10, 2009

On a cruise a couple years ago, my parents took a liking to this passionfruit liqueur called Passoa. And then we brought it back here, and nobody drank any of it.
Around Christmas I decided to try it and I liked it. It’s like Hpnotiq but not as awesome, still nice and sugary and tasting of some fruit you can’t quite pinpoint. I had also come across this recipe, so I tried them out but the flavor reminded me more of a muffin, probably because of the cranberries and orange. Read more

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  1. Passoa on its own is just a wonderful thing. I really love passion fruit. I do hope you gave it a try with just some cranberry, orange juice and passoa as a straight up cocktail. Afterall, that was the inspiration for the cupcake I made. And you’re right, it did sort of feel like a muffin, hence the title of my blog entry. 🙂

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