Madly in Love with F1

April 27, 2009

Over the past couple years, ever since getting my Integra, I have become obsessed with cars. Actually, I like cars more than I like cupcakes. Lately though, my favorite form of cars is racing, because my car is boring, and that form of racing would be Formula 1.
I go crazy because basically my boyfriend is the only other person I personally know who watches F1, mainly because we watch together. Internet friends are great and all, but I find it so hard to keep myself from not talking about F1 at least once a day. My latest victim is my mom, and she has started to become more interested in it now. Of course it doesn’t help that the majority of races (read: all but one this season) are at weird times for the United States. Read more

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  1. my first car was an Acura and now I drive a Honda. I love they way they feel on the road. You can actually feel the road as opposed to a Nissan that seems to float.

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