Pudding, cookies, and Grand Prix themed eating!

June 24, 2009

I haven’t had anything to say for almost two weeks…but I have made things, they just never got pictures. They never made it far enough. Kind of. So, this will be long.

First up was this Mango Pudding last Wednesday. I made it, I ate a bowl of it, I go to Atlanta the next day. I come home Monday, and the bowls that were still there Thursday were …still there. At least when I’m in Atlanta I know I can make something and it is devoured, at least if it’s Snickerdoodle cookies.
Anyway, the pudding was alright I guess. I was hoping the coconut milk would like make it more exciting but it didn’t. But now I have lots of gelatin so I can try out making panna cotta? I want to make mint/dark chocolate but I killed my mint plant I think. Or people not watering my mint plant while I’m away killed it. Read more