Something New: Restaurant Reviews

June 29, 2009

I’ve been considering this for awhile, mainly because I like to go out to eat, and also because I haven’t been baking things that often lately in an attempt to not make everyone around me morbidly obese. I would say it is going well because my mom straight up ignores cupcakes, and has not gained 80 pounds via cookies or focaccia, at least last time I checked…though if she has managed to in the past 3 days I’d be worried I’m not the only culprit.
I’ve been doing reviews here and there on urbanspoon.com, but it’s so hard for me to keep them short enough to look right on there. I have more to say than just a concise review (and may I say I absolutely sucked at writing a précis every time it was assigned in English class, I think it relates) and I do have this blog, so hey, time to start reviewing restaurants! Read more