Review: Terminal Brewhouse

July 21, 2009

Since I’ll be leaving Chattanooga in a few weeks, it is only fitting that I first review what has become my absolute favorite place to eat there. In this I won’t just talk about one visit, so don’t think I managed to eat all of this at one time, because…actually, I would try.
Earlier this year, the Terminal Brewhouse opened near the Chattanooga Choo-Choo, and I am so mad it took me until May to discover it. I’m not really up on my Chattanooga building history, but this was once the location of a Terminal hotel. The building has two floors, and I have never been to the upstairs yet.
So now, for that second part of the name: they brew their own beer, and it is quite amazing. I have to admit that since first having the Belgian White at Terminal Brewhouse, I have not had any Blue Moon beyond what was left from making the cookies and cupcakes with it. It is that good. One sip may taste of orange, and the next could be very much coriander, almost to the point of being peppery. Read more


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  2. Chattanooga rocks!

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