The Curry Pot

August 5, 2009

It’s been a busy week for me, as I move on Saturday and I was gone all weekend, and now it’s time to finish packing and eat where I need to before I leave Chattanooga.
I’d actually never been to the Curry Pot before, and since my mom and I are the only people we know of who eat Indian, we decided to go tonight. I find it funny that basically every Indian restaurant in Chattanooga is on Lee Highway, this being no exception, across the street from the Bi-Lo on the corner of Shallowford and Lee Highway. It’s a strange spot, in a tight parking lot, but the interior would make you feel completely differently. Read more

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  1. Curry Pot is good stuff! Curry Pot has dropped their Monday-Friday Buffet Price to $5.99..(which makes it a supreme value!)

    Come with an open mind… and ur’ll be amazed.

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