August 7, 2009

Okay I lied, one last restaurant in Chattanooga, Mercatino, an Italian cafe type place that has been a favorite of mine since I first found out about it. I’m kind of sad that the service here always leaves more to be desired. I hate how they always make me feel like we’re bothering them in order to get food; honestly it makes me glad I won’t be coming back very often even though I love this place. The feeling you get inside doesn’t even feel like Chattanooga, but like you’ve been transplanted to a streetside cafe in Italy. Read more


  1. Terrific sandwich photo! (and I *just* had to see it before dinner)


    • Thank you and I know what you mean! Even looking at it to upload it 3 hours after I ate it I was like …I could go for another one right now.

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