Top Spice: Druid Hills

August 12, 2009

After a day of moving, it was definitely time for some Malaysian food. My mom has never had Thai, so I figured I would take her to Top Spice. Honestly, I wish I had gone to the one in Midtown instead because I wasn’t very impressed with this for a second visit.

The Druid Hills location of Top Spice is located in a HUGE shopping center…I mean a two grocery store shopping center. Of course if you’re coming from the Cheshire Bridge area on LaVista, and just turn right into the place from there, you have a long drive through the whole thing. The interior is for lack of any other word, pretty. I love the spices inside the table. Read more

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  1. For Malaysian, I’ve had good luck at Penang on Buford Highway. The one thing I’ll warn you is if you want spicy there, you’ll have to ask for it or add it yourself.

    It just isn’t the same food my former Malaysian classmate/coworker would bring. Her “normal” food was too hot to be eaten by Americans.

    Not to make it too plain, but most spicy cuisines are dumbed down in Atlanta. Cajun is the one where I notice this most.

    L’Thai Organic has a 4 heat scale: mild, medium, hot, and Thai Hot. There is one in Tucker, one closer to the middle of the metro area and one opening in Alpharetta. Their web site will have more details.

    L’Thai’s medium is deliciously spicy. I haven’t tried their hot yet.


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