Review: Loca Luna

August 22, 2009

It’s Formula 1 time again and in my attempt to match what I eat to the country hosting the weekend’s Grand Prix, it is time for tapas, as the European Grand Prix takes place in Valencia, Spain.
Loca Luna does not in fact carry any Spanish or European feel to it, but rather a Latin flavor you see from the moment you look at it. Actually, I really thought I was transported to Brazil. This is one of those places that gives off a really cool vibe to the point I’m gonna just say go there, and also I forgot my camera at home, but really, I love the inside. the space is of course tropically decorated, the bars are quite large, as are the speakers mounted to the walls. It’s a very open space of course for the dance floor, and it has a huge patio as well. We sat inside though, luckily since we were only there at 6:30 it was not too loud (as we were there for eating, me also for drinking, and neither of us for dancing) and we escaped valet parking (yes!). Read more

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  1. Fried plantains – yes I’m riffing off part of the article – best I’ve had were at Mojito’s in old Norcross. A little crunch to them there, but creamy inside.

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