Fritti, or Gran Premio D'Italia: Buon Appetito! Part 1

September 12, 2009

I decided way back that Fritti was where we were going when it came time for the Italian Grand Prix. As soon as I read they had Verace Pizza Napoletana certification, I was like: this is it. This is the most Italian pizza as I can probably get without just going to Italy.
I knew immediately also that we were going to sit on the patio. At first we were placed in a strangely located table not on the sidewalk and the guy at the table next to us wouldn’t suck it in for five seconds so I could get by, so luckily we were moved to the sidewalk patio. Much better. There wasn’t much here to complain about other than when it sounded like someone was taking off on a weed whacker for space.
I wanted to drink a red wine with the pizza, something I realized I haven’t done in all the time I’ve spent drinking wine. I chose something I never heard of, Salice Salentino, which is a town in Southern Italy, obviously they make wine there. It wasn’t something I would go out of my way to get again, but interesting to try when you refuse to drink Chianti (I should probably give a different kind a chance and get over it.) There really was no key flavor that I tasted in there. It wasn’t too dry, it wasn’t too strong of a flavor, it was just boring to me, but still drinkable.
We ordered the Robiola Fritta for an appetizer, which was the best goat cheese I have ever had. The arugula, olive, and pepper salad was amazing too. The goat cheese was almond crusted, but it didn’t have nearly the almond taste that the salad had, which was made better when a bite included one of the yellow or red peppers or an olive.
As for the pizza, I decided to go with the Sorrentina, which is San Marzano tomato sauce, both bufala mozzarella and smoked mozzarella, basil, and cherry tomatoes. The crust was so good I could have just eaten that by itself, but with the other flavors of both mozzarella cheeses, I could have eaten the whole thing by myself (except that would ruin part 2 of this). The pizza was nice a thin and the char just right for what I like, but I still cannot tell you how much I loved how thin the pizza was.
Definitely coming back here sometime. The service was excellent (like the hostess immediately wanted to change our tables after thinking about how badly placed that table was), super friendly too, our server was very forgiving that we were off for gelato rather than sticking around Fritti for dessert.

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