Nancy's Pizza: Buckhead

September 13, 2009

Well…I WAS going to take a picture of my remaining slice of deep dish pizza before I devoured it…sadly it took me nearly 3 hours to realize that I ate it without doing so…oops.
There has been an empty feeling in my stomach since returning from Chicago, having not had Giordano’s or Lou Malnati’s or Uno’s etc, etc…so the next best thing was to head to Nancy’s.
Last year, Joe and I made a trek from Alpharetta to the Midtown location, having no idea that there was nowhere to eat inside, along with construction going on, so by the time we got the pizza back to Alpharetta, it was probably no longer hot, and I wasn’t impressed.
I have no idea when the Buckhead location opened, and I had no idea about it until my friend Emma said she had been there. So, we made plans to get a pizza this past Friday together. I ordered it take out mainly because I wanted to not have to wait 40 minutes in hunger in a restaurant, and they have online ordering, which is something I am starting to love way too much when it involves pizza.
We headed over to Nancy’s, which is somehow easy to miss. I had to use street view on Google maps to realize just how obvious of a location it was. I mean I have driven past this place so many times and there’s this obvious sign. (However unlike most people I have lived here just five weeks so I’m allowed to also note stupid things at the corner of Peachtree and Piedmont like, “There’s a Caribou Coffee right here?”)
Since it’s about 10 minutes back to my place if I am not getting lost by trying random other roads, the pizza was nice and hot for us to eat. You can also eat in at this location, there is plenty of space and even a patio.
Now this is as authentic as it’s going to get in Atlanta until some other, more prominent chain of deep dish pizzas decides to locate/franchise here. I’m not crazy for it, considering the ridiculous price of $17 for a small pizza (that can feed four for lunch). In fact, if I had the money to do so, I’d choose ordering 4 Lou Malnati’s pizzas from Tastes of Chicago over a pizza from Nancy’s, as that will come out to $20 each for a bigger, better pizza.
I will however, probably be back to try the Italian beef, as there was a huge sign about a combo deal.

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  1. I went to Nancy’s once, liked it, but I’d much prefer Pizzeria Uno to make it to town, or whatever they call it these days. I think Uno Chicago Grill or somesuch.


    • I can’t believe we don’t have an Uno’s, which it’ll always be to me. When Maryville, Tennessee has one, we automatically deserve one.

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