Nancy’s Pizza: Buckhead

September 13, 2009

Well…I WAS going to take a picture of my remaining slice of deep dish pizza before I devoured it…sadly it took me nearly 3 hours to realize that I ate it without doing so…oops.
There has been an empty feeling in my stomach since returning from Chicago, having not had Giordano’s or Lou Malnati’s or Uno’s etc, etc…so the next best thing was to head to Nancy’s.
Last year, Joe and I made a trek from Alpharetta to the Midtown location, having no idea that there was nowhere to eat inside, along with construction going on, so by the time we got the pizza back to Alpharetta, it was probably no longer hot, and I wasn’t impressed. Read more


  1. I went to Nancy’s once, liked it, but I’d much prefer Pizzeria Uno to make it to town, or whatever they call it these days. I think Uno Chicago Grill or somesuch.


    • I can’t believe we don’t have an Uno’s, which it’ll always be to me. When Maryville, Tennessee has one, we automatically deserve one.

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