Paolo's Gelato

September 13, 2009

I’ve been to Paolo’s only three times, I don’t know what is wrong with me. Obviously, the best way to follow up Italian pizza is with Italian ice cream.
In case you are unaware of how gelati are different from ice creams, let me fill you in on what you are missing and why you can’t just call this ice cream. Gelato contains less fat and is denser than American ice cream, it’s kept at a slightly warmer temperature, and in general is eye and tastebud candy: I think gelato packs more of a flavor punch and is not allowed to come in anything other than a bright color. Fruit based flavors aren’t made with milk like gelato, and are actually sorbetto, and Paolo’s has plenty of fruit flavors and even flower flavors.
The first time I went to Paolo’s I got one of those flower flavors: millefiori. I picked it mainly because it was hot pink and also I had to reminisce about when I was young and would randomly eat flowers out of the front yard just because I saw them in packages in the grocery store. This is exactly what the millefiori gelato reminded me of. And it was good, I still think flowers taste like candy.
The next trip involved stracciatella, which is similar to chocolate chip ice cream, but better. I have made this gelato before, it was actually more like a gelato than an ice cream, and the chocolate addition comes by melting the chocolate then pouring it into the milk mixture as it’s starting to become cold. My boyfriend thinks stracciatella at Paolo’s trumps every other flavor, but last night he was SO wrong.
I’m going to start coming here like every day so I can finally try the gianduja (chocolate hazelnut, see also NUTELLA.) gelato that has evaded me thus far. It’s so hard to pick a flavor, but I refuse to try any due to the fact the taste testing will then never stop. Last night, I went with a combination of cheesecake and Contreau.
I have never tasted Contreau on its own, just in various drinks and it is amazing in gelato form, let me tell you. Combined with the strawberry cheesecake flavor, I basically had alcoholic orange strawberry cheesecake. It was a bit tart when I’d get a piece of strawberry but it was still so good. There is no way for me to even say which was a better flavor, because the best they tasted was together.
I implore you, if you stop by Paolo’s you can’t just get one flavor. You have to combine. There are way too many things to choose from to settle for just one.
Besides gelati, Paolo’s also offers cannoli and crepes, plus various Italian snacks and drinks.

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