Coca-Cola Freestyle [Wendy's in Buckhead]

September 16, 2009

I went out in the rain today to the nearest location of a Coca-Cola Freestyle machine to me: Wendy’s. The signs on the window inform you of the fantastic opportunity awaiting inside: the choice of over 100 sodas in one machine.
Now in case you haven’t heard of the magnificent new breakthrough in soda dispensers, you are missing out.
First off here’s an image from their facebook profile:

I know this doesn’t tell you much but it at least provides a visual. You pick the soda you’d like from the touch screen menu, which is already full of choices, to another menu in that subcategory with a bunch more choices. Touch again, and press the pour button.
The flavor list made me so excited that I had to go.

This was an interesting experience. I’ve had weird people on the street come up to me in Chattanooga, but I wasn’t expecting it to happen to me at Wendy’s on Peachtree Road as my first experience in Atlanta. First he seemed to think I was about to run him over, though apparently he was trying to wave me down so he could bother me for something, and then after I parked and was headed in, he started running towards me so I just went in and pulled the door shut.
Seriously, if you are in some kind of trouble, you don’t stand outside Wendy’s.
I ordered something just because I’m starving at this point, but I really just want soda.

I didn’t get a picture of the machine because I was kind of weirded out by the fact there was a guy here to explain the machine. There were actually 3 people but since he was the one more suggesting things I just figured the other 2 are managers of the place making sure they’ll be able to do his exciting job once he’s gone and we all go to flipping out because we’re presented with technology.
I had already decided I needed to have Raspberry Fanta Zero. As I’m on the screen to choose the flavor, he’s trying to suggest the peach flavor to me. It really kind of annoyed me because I’m always mistaken for 16, and even at 21 I think I have yet to lose that ability to understand new technology, and it’s not like they were the first to do something with a touch screen.
Although I didn’t exactly say I researched this machine all afternoon in my excitement to come here now.
But I’m not complaining…as the Raspberry Fanta poured out it smelled so good, and it tasted even better.
Now the only question remains, why did Coke put raspberry into the machine but we can’t get Raspberry Fanta elsewhere in this country? :[ In fact I looked it up on Wikipedia, the only countries that do currently have it are Hungary and Dominican Republic. And Iran has BLACKBERRY Fanta. Share that please.

Wendy’s location:
Wendy's Old Fashioned Hamburgers on Urbanspoon
For other locations of the machines around Atlanta, head over to the Facebook fan page. They currently are in some Burger King, Subway, Wendy’s, Popeye’s, Firehouse Subs, and Willy’s locations, along with a Sam’s Club, and they seem to be installing these pretty often, so check there for updates.

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