Review: Fellini's Pizza

October 6, 2009

It may already be Tuesday, but pizza and Sweetwater 420 at Fellini’s has already made my week. I’ve been having a rough time lately with how freaking impossible it is to find a job around here (who knew you needed a bunch of skills to work at Macy’s? They do realize they’re like…Sears now.) and the fact that I have made like two friends in two months. I told Joe I needed a job, 6 new friends, and a pizza if he wanted to help me feel better, and sadly only one of those was really feasible, but at least it’s the most delicious choice.
I love Fellini’s way too much. Coming from Chattanooga, I can definitely tell that Lupi’s pizza up there is the stepchild of Fellini’s, down to the composition of their salads. However, I prefer Fellini’s for sure. One of the highlights of where I live is that Fellini’s is never far away. I am definitely trying to not make them a weekly thing in my life, but I don’t know if I can help it.
First time I ever went to Fellini’s was at this very location on Peachtree Rd. Joe and I had just gone to the aquarium, and there parked in front was a BMW M6, one of my many dream cars. I will always remember that day solely based on the beautiful noise emitted from that car as it drove away….oh I mean, based on the delicious pizza I stuffed in my face. I love their patio, just because you get to spot all those ~Buckhead cars~ if you know what I mean, although most of them tend to be Porsches. If you don’t know a Boxster from a Carrera, you won’t know what I mean.
That was well over a year and a half ago, before I probably even though about moving to Atlanta. It’s still good, and even better now that I can drink beer.
On this particular trip, since I was still craving 420 after having an overpriced $7 glass at Turner Field, we ordered an entire pitcher…not realizing that a pitcher was really more than 4 glasses. That’s okay, I sacrificed pizza space in my stomach for more beer. We got just a cheese pizza, but I don’t need any other ingredients to find this tasty. I don’t even know what exactly you would call this pizza and I most definitely don’t know why you should even care what to categorize it as. It’s pizza and it’s good. End of story. Nobody cares if you think it’s NY style or not. Perhaps ~New York Inspired~ but when I was in NYC, I ate pizza every day the whole time and I’d eat Fellini’s over any of those places. (Maybe I wasn’t going to the right places, but this is my opinion.) Everything from the sauce to the crust just tastes so good. I especially like to have leftovers to eat cold, I feel like the crust tastes even better that way.
Parking here can be a pain in the ass, when I stopped by to pick up a pizza last week, it was 7:30 and I really couldn’t care about the little “no restaurant parking” painted on the majority of the parking lot, considering some guys were getting ready or getting back from a bike ride there. Granted when all those shops are open this probably isn’t something to try. The spots that are actually for Fellini’s are cramped as hell and when it’s full of a majority of SUVs and minivans it’s pretty ridiculous. But don’t forget there are a bunch of other locations, including 2 that aren’t any more than 4 miles away.

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  1. Whoa, I saw Fellini’s pizza and I was like, why does that sound familiar? I used to live in Atlanta! But I’m sorry, the best pizza in that city is at Fritti. It’s in Virginia Highlands, and it’s more expensive, but it is so worth it. I always get the gorgonzola ananas pizza there, but the funghi di bosco is also excellent.

    • I’m not sure where exactly I made it sound like I think this is the best pizza in Atlanta because I don’t, that would require a lot more tasting. I absolutely love Fritti, but it’s in an entirely different category of pizza from Fellini’s in terms of being true to Italian form. If someone told me Fellini’s was Italian pizza I would laugh in their face.

  2. Oh, I didn’t mean to imply that you thought Fellini’s was the best in Atlanta, it was just an expression. I just really like Fritti. I guess I prefer the more Italian style.

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