Review: Malaya

October 31, 2009

Last week, I decided I absolutely needed to have some Malaysian food, specifically Kari Ayam Kering. Compared to my other close options, Malaya looked to be my best value, so I called in an order and went to pick it up. (At Malaya, this dish is called Kari Ayam Malaya, but it’s the same thing.)
I had problems finding the place as I had never been over in this area…oh and their sign was not on. It was a tough journey on my car, thanks to the BILLIONS of metal plates covering Peachtree…I went home on the interstates and let me just say 75 south to 85 north is a shocking bit of fun if you’ve never gone that way and have a sway bar >:D Read more

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  1. I have been dining at Malaya for years as I live in the area. I like their laksa lemak noodle soup, which I believe is a staple of Malayasian cuisine. Their mee goreng used to be outstanding, then it wasn’t, so I haven’t tried it lately. The beef rendang was good. They are so nice and do give you huge portions, especially for takeout.

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