Well, so much for that.

January 21, 2010

I had the greatest idea to make red tea cupcakes for this month’s Iron Cupcake theme as it is “Winter Warm-up,” which is pretty much what …was going on right now. I want it to be 65 again, yesterday was amazing.
Basically, they were vanilla cupcakes, except the milk was infused with tea. I left it sitting for a good half hour and the milk tasted like a tea latte, but the flavor just didn’t come through. I waited a day. Still nothing…and they were disgustingly dense. So, I don’t want to bother submitting them. I also don’t have the time or really the money to retry again since FINANCIAL AID TAKES FORFREAKINGEVER. Because my guess would be red tea is a bit too subtle for a cake. Matcha goes right in, chai and earl grey have strong flavors, so that kind of explains why I see those in cakes but not any other teas. 😦 Oh well, it was worth a shot. Read more