a long delayed CIDER MEGAPOST!

January 24, 2010

I started writing this in November, as apparent by the permalink. I then forgot to ever post it so I am FINALLY doing so.
I love cider. I really do. Apples fit up there somewhere in my top 5 favorite fruits, so it is only fitting that apple juice turned alcoholic is a favorite thing of mine.
We were looking for a Finnish vodka in Total Wine in Alpharetta to no avail, and I just sort of wandered over to the individual bottles of beer in order to keep my mind off the sparkly silver bottle of raspberry vodka that I am dying to have. Then the next day of this whole project, I picked up a 500ml bottle of some other English cider. Obviously this just snowballed into something more. Read more


  1. I love Woodchuck Oak Aged !
    Nice sharing

  2. In the stone ages (i.e. the 90s) American ciders had quality control issues. They would have old rotten apple pulp in the bottom of the bottles at times. Ever since, I’ve been hesitant to drink Woodxxxx anything. These days I think their QC is much better, but they aren’t reliable as drinks. All over the map, depending on the batch.

    I’ve had pretty good luck with Hardcore, Hornsby’s, and the English ciders.

    My British online friends think that a cider as low in alcohol content as Blackthorne is for sissies. I forget what they drink, but the alcohol content they prefer is well over 10%.


  3. Good blog! I’ve tried most of these ciders and think your comments are dead-on. I love cider and can’t understand why it isn’t more poplular.
    I like the sweet ones and moderately dry ones. Trader Joe’s is carrying a super sweet one called Newton’s Folly (much brown sugar added) that is tasty and cheap ($6 a six pack) – if you like the sweet ones and have a tight budget. It’s a little sweeter that Hornsby’s Crisp Apple – and yes, the calories are way up there.
    There is a newer one from Virginia called Foggy Ridge that I saw an article about and then ran across at Poole’s Diner in Raleigh NC – three levels of dryness, packaged in wine bottles. It’s nice, but a little more expensive than most, and hard to find so far.
    The Scrumpy’s comment made me laugh – last time I tried it, it had a rotten apple aroma that I just couldn’t get past. I think it sits around too long in most bars.

    • Thank you for your comment! I’ve had the Newton’s Folly cider…I believe it is Woodchuck. I had gotten a bottle of the Raspberry cider again around the same time I bought a pack of Newton’s Folly and the bottle shapes were the same as well as the manufacturing location and just the entire layout of the label on the back. But of course, it is actually cheaper than most places sell Woodchuck which is definitely a plus!

  4. Woodchuck Oak Aged is by FAR my favorite of any cider Ive ever drank, and Im a cider whore! HAHA

    Great Post!

    • I want to try it again now, I think it would be really good if I didn’t focus on the oaky taste. In the next couple of days I’m gonna make a post about my homemade cider I’ve started so watch for that! Thanks for the comment.~

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