I'm here, I'm here, and why you should be watching F1.

March 27, 2010

I deleted that last post. It just isn’t right to act like a little angsty 16 year old or something. I like this blog. Mainly because Alexis says she wants to have guest bloggers like me on her blog so she better deliver or I’ll just go away again.

No, really, I can’t go away. How soon we forget it’s Formula 1 time again and I can’t possible not do my whole Grands Prix related eating every race weekend, or close enough to it. Except Bahrain, I don’t really know of anything specifically Bahrainian, and even if I did I am not quite sure there is anything in Atlanta to properly cater to me. If I’m wrong, please point it out.
Also, I actually had really spicy food when I ordered Thai hot today so I don’t feel like not sharing this with the world.
I want to also take more pictures. This excludes the backup of old things I have if I don’t think I am going back there any time quickly since I’m poor and lazy.
But I will be starting now as it’s not even 10pm and the Australian GP isn’t until 2am. And it better not be a borefest like Bahrain…can’t believe I woke up at 6am even with losing an hour of sleep thanks to daylight savings.

Now, even though I say things like how it totally sucks and is boring, I think everyone has to watch a Formula 1 race. If you like trashy and/or ridiculous reality TV, you can easily like Formula 1. I think there is plenty of hilarious drama and gossip. Best of all, apparently two of the drivers, Michael Schumacher (who is a big deal, in short, and I won’t say anything else) and Heikki Kovalainen were at a Lady Gaga concert in Melbourne this week. This excites me greatly. It makes me hate Schumacher less.
I love to watch F1 because of the sound of the cars. They sound like evil robotic cats. I don’t know why I’ve come to this conclusion, but that’s just how they sound.
Here are some Formula 1 drivers making these noises in an ad for the Brazilian GP.

This year there are three new teams and they all suck because they barely got to test out their cars. One is sponsored by Virgin, so they are the Virgin cars, and you can make all sorts of immature jokes. Don’t get me started, really, because it turns out the Virgin cars are actually less than adequate when it comes to a very crucial object. Also, Bruno Senna is on one of these new teams and he is the most attractive of all the drivers, and I know that gets female viewers. I will also fight you if you try to argue with me over someone else being more attractive. He’s young and Brazilian. I can’t go with just saying he’s Brazilian, because then all the other Brazilian drivers would be easy on the eyes too, but that’s just not the case.
Oh, and most importantly there is a lot of Red Bull. And if Mark Webber does not win the Australian Grand Prix, I will cry.
Now, all the races are at terrible times for Americans. All the ones in Europe start at 8AM. BUT THIS YEAR WE HAVE TWO AT RATHER NORMAL TIMES. YAY CANADA. So I’m just you know…not going to mention that the race next Sunday is at 4AM Eastern time….and I will be watching it live…ugh.
And really I just wrote all this garbage so I could post the video of the drivers making car noises.
You really should be watching for hissy fits over the radio.