Malaysian Grand Prix: Penang

April 14, 2010

It’s been almost two weeks since the Malaysian Grand Prix, but I finally am presenting you with the first post in the Grand Prix of Eating.
Penang is a Malaysian restaurant on Buford Highway in Chamblee, located in a strip mall with a number of various things from Chinese food to tropical fish. The parking lot is a bit odd, especially considering Penang is stuck back in the corner. It’s tough to see from the street.
Inside, there are a number of tables, and for some reason gave me the feeling of being on a ship. There are a lot of wooden accents.
The menu is huge, and while it is a Malaysian restaurant, there are a couple of Thai dishes. There is of course, always iced tea with condensed milk. I went with Kari Ayam, my favorite Malaysian dish, and Joe got Chicken Rendang.

My Kari Ayam came out a couple minutes before the Chicken Rendang, and honestly I had no idea what dish it was because every other time I’ve had Kari Ayam it’s been more red in color. I didn’t get a picture because as soon as the owner brought Joe’s food, she whisked mine away to spice it up some more, and it returned without all the greens on top. I want to have the skill just based on appearance to know something isn’t spicy enough. She was a very cool lady, I was especially glad to see someone finally tell Joe that too much heat ruins a dish! She also made many helpful suggestions regarding what to order, because the menu is pretty overwhelming with choices. But truthfully, neither one was very spicy, even though we ordered them hot. At least she didn’t try to claim that we should not even think of ordering them spicy.
I had gotten the Kari Ayam boneless, even though from what the owner said, the other one is much more flavorful, but I just didn’t really feel like dark chicken that day. The Rendang did have dark meat chicken, and I did taste it, and it had a good variety of spices, but it just wasn’t packing any punches heatwise. I loved the Kari Ayam, even if it contained all sorts of unidentifiable green vegetables. Whatever they were cooked in made them taste good, so it could have been something awful for all I care.
The service is ridiculously slow if there are several tables of people. It took about 20 minutes to get the check and to get someone to come back for it.
It’s definitely more authentic Malaysian food compared to somewhere like Top Spice. I would definitely go back, but maybe order it in advanced for take out.
I’m skipping Australia for now because while I know EXACTLY where to go, I am lazy. Just saying. I have an issue with leaving my little bubble. Don’t even ask about how I have vowed to not drive on 285 once I’m done at Georgia Perimeter next month…bahahaha.
I’m not sure if this includes not ever going outside it yet.

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