Australian Grand Prix: Tim Tam Cookies

April 16, 2010

Thank you, Australia.

I’d take a picture of the cookie itself but I am trying to limit the self-damage of this discovery. Although, I just discovered that these are only available in the US from October – March every year. It’s now April, so this makes me really sad that if I want them in a couple months, I may not even find them. (I’m sure there are stores and websites that import them from Australia, but I’m thinking this is the cheapest option of all.)
If you don’t know about Tim Tams, you are missing out. Mark Webber and Tim Tams are the greatest things to every be exported from Australia. I was trying not to spend too much because I was picking up everything I needed for the bake sale, and did not realize just how overpriced Publix actually is….sucks that traffic is absolutely awful for the weekend and I have to settle for paying $2.39 for some cupcake liners.
Anyway, I had read about the existence of Pepperidge Farm’s Tim Tams, which are in fact the actual ones they get in Australia. Even though all the other Pepperidge Farm cookies were on sale, these of course don’t count, so they were $3.39, and they are indeed worth every penny.
I would like to try the ones without caramel, but I think this instant addiction is alright too. The caramel with the chocolate makes them seem almost like Twix bars as cookies. They taste far better than Twix, and I bet they are amazing with a glass of milk. In addition to chocolate and caramel, there is also a dark chocolate variety.
I am not kidding when I say these are instantly addictive. I don’t think there has ever been a time where I ate something and within 15 minutes decided I needed to blog about it. If you are interested in trying them, get to a grocery store ASAP because what’s on the shelves may be the last shipment they have…or there could be plenty more in back because nobody knows of these delicious cookies.