April 17, 2010

I failed at my bake sale cupcakes.
At least if anything, I took over some recipe cards for my pomegranate cupcakes, and I picked up some goodies, but oh dear what a nightmare.

I don’t understand why the oven in my apartment is so bad about temperature. Sometimes it’s right, sometimes it’s wrong, and unless I get some sort of thermometer, I’m never going to figure it out.
I first made the pomegranate cupcakes, and the majority sunk in the middle. I lowered the temperature for the second half of them, which turned out alright…but they didn’t rise at all.
The Red Bull cupcakes were then also baked at 325…and again, no rise. Both of these have worked perfectly for me before, and considering I made the pomegranate ones for the first time in this oven, I don’t understand. They are in the header on this very page and you can see that they aren’t flat-topped.
Since the cakes were still good, and frosting would hide this, I went ahead as planned. I got a couple hours sleep, woke up to soften butter, and went back to sleep for an hour.
Somehow, this didn’t make a difference to the butter. One hour at room temperature plus 10 seconds in the microwave, and I still had to soften it some more. I started making the frosting for the RB cupcakes and everything was just separating. It wouldn’t thicken up no matter what I did, and it got to the point the frosting just tasted disgustingly sugary.

This is perfect here, but for some reason it was like a liquidy, speckled blue and white goo today, and I cannot understand why. At this point it was 8am, when I wanted to take everything over, I was already nearly out of butter, and I had no more Red Bull left. So that was that.
I should have just stuck with cookies. đŸ˜¦
There is always next time, I hope. I had all these boxes ready and it took less time to take them all apart. Now to catch up on the sleep I lost in hopes of having all these cupcakes.
But really, if I don’t post any new cupcake recipes, it’s because I’m still hurt by the oven. I hope it doesn’t ruin cookies too, or brownies.