Review: Marlow's Tavern Duluth

April 18, 2010

I was craving a hamburger so bad on Saturday. Joe was kind enough to drive me down to Cabbagetown for the Food Bloggers Bake Sale, and then whisked me away OTP because of the so-called traffic that was to be going on all day ITP. All I really wanted to do was go back to bed since I was running on two cans of Red Bull and two hours of sleep. After a good nap, I really wanted that hamburger…and I really wanted that hamburger to be from Flip or the Vortex, but I’ll consider this a compromise for now…
We ended up at Marlow’s Tavern somewhere in Duluth. It’s in quite a strange spot, and you might just miss it when you drive by because the only indication you get from the road is a sign pointing to the driveway. They’ve been there for over a year, but it seemed to me like other construction is/was supposed to happen there, considering the number of handicapped spaces in front of an empty lot.
It seems like a good place to go before/after Gwinnett Gladiators games, considering Loafing Leprechaun is no more. It’s dark inside (if you couldn’t tell by the picture, I about went blind walking back outside), and there was a choice to watch tennis and the Bruins-Sabres playoff game on many televisions. There is a pretty interesting drink menu. I was not expecting to see so many drinks involving hibiscus syrup, but since I was already tired, I did not think trying one would be a great idea at this time.
They apparently had just changed their menu, and it was a bit different from what is on their website, such as the addition of a lamb burger. I went with a cheeseburger with white cheddar, and Joe got a plain burger with bacon.
Our server asked if it was our first time there when we came in, and a little while after we ordered, the chef appeared with an order of their chips for us. Turns out, if it’s your first time, you get an order of them on the house. They are so good, and I’m not sure if it was blue cheese or gorgonzola on them (like it matters because gorgonzola is a blue cheese), because I remember glancing at the appetizers section of the menu and seeing gorgonzola, but in any case, bravo, Marlow’s Tavern, I don’t touch any sort of obviously moldy cheese, and you had me stuffing my face.
The burger came on a brioche bun, complete with Roma tomato slices, chopped lettuce, and very thinly sliced red onion. The meat itself had that distinct grilled taste, and I wish I had ordered it medium rather than medium well because it just felt a bit overdone for my tastes. The fries were alright, I ended up dipping them in ketchup to make them tastier as I yelled at Zdeno Chara for being a giant troll. I really think our server probably thought I was insane as I laughed while sitting alone at two Bruins running into each other in replay… The burger was really nothing impressive, even though it was decent, compared to the other options I had been given for getting a burger. The claim in the menu of “double cheese” seemed kind of off, or the white cheddar had absolutely no flavor. I loved the thick slices of Roma tomatoes though.
Even with having a boyfriend in Norcross, this is farther north than we normally go. Marlow’s has a few other locations around the city, and one in Midtown, so there’s always a possibility of going to another one. However, come minor league hockey season in the fall, I definitely think we will be back here before a Gladiators game.

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