School's out…

May 14, 2010

Well, less than 48 hours after I took my last exam, I was getting myself orientated with Georgia State. I have been so busy the past couple weeks with…not wanting to do anything but watch hockey. Since that was pretty much over on Wednesday too, complete with a breakdown over the idea that I think I have to cheer for the Sharks, I am now back to my blog. Hi blog!

Anyway it should be a good summer. I am employed, more about that in a couple weeks time 🙂 The only problem is that I have zero money until then.
I am so excited to start at Georgia State, I am making a huge deal about my schedule when I haven’t even gotten my final grades for this semester to send over. I can’t even do that until Monday, so it’s going to be a tough weekend. I am already either really sure or really indecisive about minors to the point I have to do a double minor in sociology and political science to compliment economics.

And now I need to go lay down because I was a genius and wore flip flops while walking over a speed bump. I now have a big giant ankle.