Review: Grindhouse Killer Burgers

May 21, 2010

I have to say that tripping myself on a speed bump less than 36 hours before GSU orientation was not smart. I walked to MARTA anyway and endured the pain of walking around, and then I really didn’t want to walk back. If I wanted to be picked up, I was gonna have to wait till almost 2, so I decided to take a solo adventure to Grindhouse Killer Burgers.
It was an odd adventure, where I had some extremely rude “guy” shout obscene things about my body at me. In some circles this may be a compliment, but not in the circle I am in. Just so you know, my hips will check you into oblivion, buddy.
Finally, destination reached: the line of people waiting to place an order for a burger.
For some reason this isn’t what I was expecting. I don’t know why, so I’m going to blame the four doctors and one med student I saw also waiting in line over the course of time I was there.
Anyway, there is a choice of a beef, turkey, or veggie burger, single or double patty, and then toppings. If you don’t want to waste time trying to come up with your own, there are several options to choose from. I took this route because I was pretty sure if I made my own, it would cost about $10. I went with getting my beef burger Grindhouse style: American cheese, lettuce, grilled onions, pickles, and Grindhouse sauce, which I guess is a bit like the secret sauce of a Big Mac.
I decided to go ahead and get it as a combo because all I had beforehand was half an awful muffin around 7:45am and I was pretty much starving for anything at this point.
I sat down right near the cash register, since I was alone, injured, and hungry. This was stupid to do because some people don’t seem to realize that if they want to ask the guy at the register something, THERE IS A LOT OF SPACE TO THE RIGHT STILL OH PLEASE DON’T HOVER ON TOP OF ME. In short: there is just stool seating at the counter and then another counter to the side. It’s crowded. You might just want to eat elsewhere if you don’t like clueless people invading your personal space.
The burgers take a bit of time, granted it was lunch time so it’s busy, and obviously they cook to order. There isn’t that much in the way of service, so your only real interaction with the people behind the counter is they say your name and you have to be like, “I’m over here!” and then they ask if you’re done so they can take away the tray. Totally useful in a place like this, and if you have a problem with that, go somewhere else.
As for the burger, I was not entirely amazed by it. It was decent, especially for $5, but it’s not something I think I will actively search out too often come August. It gets kind of messy, which is why it’s wrapped up in paper.
The fries though, they are a total let down. My gold standard for crinkle cut fries is Portillo’s in the Chicago area, and these were blah. You get a massive bag of them, and it really makes you feel like you get more fries than you do burger.
I’ll go back though, I’ll have to be eating lunch on campus at least 3 days a week, and I’m sure those options will start to suck quickly. I definitely want to try a burger Apache style. And if I don’t want to walk down Edgewood, they will be opening a new location just south of Piedmont and Cheshire Bridge, which is definitely easy for me to get to from home!

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