Park 75 Bloggers' Brunch

May 24, 2010

For a long time now, nothing is going to taste very good because every single thing I ate for brunch tasted amazing. I have to say it was quite a surprise to get an email inviting me to a brunch at Park 75…I did not realize that it was inside the Four Seasons. I felt so special, and then I counted down the days until Saturday. Believe me, that took awhile because I did next to nothing all week.
Finally, Saturday. I took Joe along because I could bring a guest, and I’m a nice girlfriend. We showed up and met some fellow bloggers in the lounge before everything got started.

First order of business: mimosas on the fifth floor terrace, the location of six square garden plots for the restaurant. Chef Robert Gerstenecker told us all about the gardens: they started out with only two and are hoping to expand. There is everything from peppers to tomatoes to herbs to a hydroponic lettuce garden, as seen above. There is also a bee hive, and a second one is just getting started. The honey along with the vegetables and herbs grown up here are used by the restaurant, from honey butter to salad.

Back inside the restaurant, we sat down at tables and Chef Robert explained what was on tap for our brunch, which included trying several dishes, and then checking out the kitchen, where we would try some dessert.

First off, I tried the lemonade of the day: grapefruit basil limeade. It was incredible. I was amazed not too many people were getting it. I had at least a glass and a half of this, and I admit I was sad to see they had already cleared the tables when we returned from the kitchen.

Additionally, we were served Bloody Marys in cute little mason jars, complete with bacon and some of the made in-house pickles. I’ve never had a Bloody Mary before this, and I found myself craving this drink later in the day. It tasted just like gazpacho that just happened to have vodka as an ingredient.

Every brunch begins with some banana bread. Those dark specks? Chocolate.

First up, we sampled some of the more breakfast items.

Athens Benedict: tomato, sprouts, avocado, herb hollandaise
I’ve never been one to like eggs for breakfast. I hate omelettes, I hate scrambled eggs, I can’t stand the look of a fried egg, and I especially did not like cutting into this and seeing yellow ooze all over the place. I ate this up. I could have eaten another one.

Chicken and Waffle: the fried chicken is glazed with honey from the hives on the terrace, making this even better than any standard chicken and waffles. The waffle on its own was delicious too.

After this, the food and beverage manager stopped by to talk to us, and Joe told him the story of my “ew!” upon cutting into the Eggs Benedict. He was really nice, and I wish I could remember his name but this was such a sensory overload. Next up though: dishes more along the lunch/dinner lines.

Tempura Squash Blossom: this was probably my favorite dish of all, because any kind of squash combined with tempura is awesome to me, but the addition of goat cheese? Oh yeah. This thing is stuffed full of goat cheese before it’s fried. Each time you cut into it, you wonder just how much cheese is inside. Joe didn’t like it, but it was just so much in one that I couldn’t even think of touching another.

Sea Scallop with Spring Vegetable Risotto: I can’t touch scallops. They’re just weird. I did eat the risotto though: after the squash blossom though it just was too rich for my mouth to handle.

Wood Grilled Waygu Skirt Steak: This was incredible too, they grill the steak over pecan wood, and you can taste the smoky flavor. This was served along with blue cheese potato salad, and some mushrooms.

If that wasn’t enough food, there was still dessert in the kitchen.

Chocolate glazed donuts, cinnamon sugar donuts, Boston creme filled doughnuts. You might think, yeah, basic donuts, what’s so special?
These were amazing. I ate the chocolate one last and even though I was about to explode from food after two bites, I had to finish it. I also tried the mango and lemon sorbets, and they were awesome.
They also make their own chocolate, and I tried a bit of a chocolate bar….it wasn’t right. I had to walk away because I was making too much noise.

It was an awesome experience, complete with a jar of preserved peaches and a package of spiced pecans for home! I do believe next time a special occasion requires a special location, I am suggesting Park 75. And if you need an idea: up to 10 people can be seated at a table inside the kitchen for an 8 course meal with wine pairings. Call them up to make reservations. It sounds completely awesome. They’re also having Celebrity Cocktail nights every Thursday through June with $10 cocktails.

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