July 13, 2010

Okay…sorry for the abandonment…things got too chaotic for my life and I had to take a huge break from stuff and well, I am ready for school to start and for it to stop being so bloody hot.

However, I convinced Joe to buy a grill last week, and we went to Whole Foods in John’s Creek/Duluth to pick up things to christen it. It happened to be some sort of local food tasting day, which was SUPER AWESOME. I really want to get a jar of Bella Cucina sweet pepper pesto sometime as it was incredible. Pretty much everything was worth noting for tastiness, and it all can be bought there from grass fed beef to honey butter. Oh the honey butter.

Here is what we had on the grill though.

left: beer & cheese brats (quite possibly the best brat I have had while being in the south) and roasted red pepper and thai chicken sausages.

Jamaican Jerk and Theo’s Steakhouse steak kebabs. Both were super tasty…and made an amazing sandwich the next day for lunch.

I made bell pepper/tomato kebabs, and then decided to add in a jalapeno. Then because I am an idiot, I ate half of one of the jalapeno peppers, forgot I hadn’t washed my hand because in my mind I thought I used a fork, and touched my eye. ….ow
Oh and this is the first time I ever had grilled pineapple. It was amazing.

The next plan is smoking a chicken. That shall be fun.

And I will now try to post more, though I think I always say that, but whatever. I’M TRYING.