Dearest blog,

August 18, 2010

In 5 days, 10 1/2 hours, I will be attending my first REAL UPPER LEVEL MAJOR RELATED CLASS and embark on a quest to graduate before the world supposedly ends with a degree in economics….and another one in political science ~ international affairs. And this hopefully will involve a trip to France, Germany, and Belgium in May.
I have barely updated through the summer, which is incredibly lame, but I have been busy…for example making well over 100 cupcakes on vacation for a bunch of Integra people to devour. The only picture I have of this great feat is someone with Red Bull buttercream all over their hand.
Speaking of cupcakes though, that’s a bit of the idea of a direction I want to go back into. I have fallen for Yelp, and if I want to talk about a restaurant more, that’s where it’ll be.
However, if it involves sweet stuff, it’s coming here.
Starting tomorrow of course.
…although it IS tomorrow, but that’s beyond the point.
So more baking and more about tasty sugary comas…which reminds me also that I never posted about SUGAR COMA OTP! So I may have to do that too.
I would never abandon something I paid for, being a sad little college student.

Until later,