New Orleans Snoball Cafe – Decatur, GA

August 22, 2010

I am a horrible terrible procrastinating person. I should have posted this ages ago…but better late than never right?
I had friends visiting, and I decided we were eating dinner in Decatur just so we could come here. It was entirely worth it.

We all tried different things, you can choose from one flavor or even a variety of flavors, and some ideas are posted on the wall (click to enlarge it)

I ordered the Mississippi Mud – a mix of chocolate and wedding cake, along with some sweet cream on top. It was perfect. The best way to describe it would be that it was like eating icy, liquid cake. It’s seriously hard to believe you are just eating flavored ice.

Jared, one of the owners, is so enthusiastic about the cafe. One of my friends was too full to eat anything more, but he made her a tiny sample of the limoncello snoball just so she could also try it.

He gave me a tour of everything, starting with the ice: they make their own ice. Once it’s spent a lot of time frozen, it’s ready to move on and become shaved ice. The rectangular block is loaded into the machine, which shaves the ice down and then it can be topped with the flavoring syrups, and even stuffed with soft serve ice cream. They make some of the flavors themselves and sugar free flavors are available. And if you are willing to share with someone else, there is an item called the Super Dome, which is snoDOME instead, topped with chocolate syrup, whipped cream, and fruit.

Beyond snoballs, there is a smoothie called the Queen of the Day which contains Kefir and fresh fruit, along with no added sugar.

I am pretty upset I cannot regularly get over to Decatur, because I adore this place, down to the Mardi Gras floor. The snoballs are the perfect way to cool off, and there’s still plenty of hot weather left, so be sure to check it out.

Notes: cash only, closed Mondays, parking is available behind the building

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