Sublime Doughnuts

September 10, 2010

…I started this back in May and never posted it. WHAT ON EARTH. So here it is.

For months, I kept promising myself I would go to Sublime some morning. That most definitely did not happen. And then, believing qualifying for the Turkish Grand Prix started at 8, we showed up right when they opened today at 7am…only to find out on the drive home that it did actually start at 7.
No problem- amazing donuts make up for missing Q1.
There were so many to choose from, it was kind of overwhelming…not that it was really a problem because they were all so good.

S’mores, Fritters, Reese’s, Raspberry Hearts, oh my?

Chocolate Wild Berry Fritter – it’s denser than a donut, with berry bits inside…and chocolate. Oh chocolate. If you screw up your morning in the pursuit of donuts, this baby will make you forget that.
Chocolate Raspberry Heart – caps lock will now go into effect – IT IS FULL OF JAM. JAM. TASTY RASPBERRY JAM. And that is all that really needs to be said, because the taste speaks better than me.
Reese’s – At first I was kind of afraid of any sort of candy bar donut but….that’s ridiculous. The Crunch bar one was amazing too, but I preferred the Reese’s one…with the peanut butter middle.
Caramel Apple Fritter – I reheated this one, which was the best decision ever. It’s like if you took an apple pie, added caramel, and somehow made the entire thing overall way better.
Black & Tan – in donut land, this is chocolate and dulce de leche.
A-Town Creme – Filled donuts are probably my favorite, if I had to choose the most liked donut in my world. Turning it into an A that’s also filled with a more authentic cream if you know what I mean is a surefire way to my heart.

I was not a fan of donuts until I came here. I have to keep myself from going back, thankfully it is nowhere near any route I normally take. I apparently also have more self-control than I ever thought, but I will say, I NEED one of the birthday boxes for my birthday. FYI: you can bring it by the day before Thanksgiving. And it will replace turkey for me.

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  1. You didn’t try the s’mores one?!!!

    • My boyfriend ate it and never shared anything more than a bunch of mumbly sounds D:

  2. Hmmph.


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