HOORAY FOR BEER! @ Der Biergarten

September 15, 2010

It is 2:30am and I have a statistics test tomorrow. I have been studying since my return from Der Biergarten’s pretty awesome VIP/media opening event…I do horrible with crowds of people I don’t know, especially when they are 2-3 times my age and also German.
But good times and good food and beer were had. I was the first person to arrive because I wanted to get my misery on the connector over and done with. This made for me standing around for a long time, not drinking any beer even though obviously it was very available.
In my joy of earlier having microeconomics and international politics class, I geeked out to the CEO of the German-American Chambers of Commerce, who seemed to probably think I was crazy. I kept myself from them talking to the German consulate-general. I can’t help it, alright? And apparently should have taken German, but what’s done is done. But hello, it’s like this big cross-continental project we’re enjoying right now, I can’t help myself.

The space of the biergarten is ridiculously cool. It’s a huge space, and amazingly decorated. My favorite things were probably the two previously pictured murals.

This area opens up to the outside, and is the location of one of the bars with the picnic table style seating like out on the patio.

Inside you of course find another bar, along with more regular seating. The light wasn’t too good in there, so this was all I got.

As for the food: it was nothing like the attempts at German cooking made by the exchange student my family hosted. It was really good, and had plenty of flavor. The soft pretzels were amazing, although when I went through the line there was no mustard out. Those will normally come with three different types of the stuff. The sausage and sauerkraut was awesome. It’s so nice to have sauerkraut obviously not from a bag or can….mom.
There was also the most delicious potato salad ever. Don’t even bother to think about the cold, mayonnaise drenched stuff of America. This is a warm salad, and the flavors are so comforting…almost reminded me of having chicken noodle soup as potatoes.
There was also a cucumber salad, a bit like something my grandma always makes me when I visit her, but with a creamy dressing rather than vinegar. With the addition of dill, it’s perfect.

Here is of course why you want to come here: All the draft beer is German and is sold either as a half liter…or entire liter. Nobody will ask you the silly question “16 oz or 20 oz?” here. There are also plenty in bottles. I have probably had sips here and there of German beers but obviously nothing stood out. I ended up with a Bavarian wheat beer made by Ayinger. It was great, a bit different from the flavor of Belgian wheat beers, but good nonetheless. Of course, if you want something from more close to home, they’ve got you covered in bottles too.
And if wine’s more your thing: nearly half the wines are German. Granted 4 of the 5 are Rieslings, but you know that’s what they do (and do well!).

Definitely check this place out, because the concept is something unlike anywhere else in the city, beyond the fact that it’s German food. If you’ve never had any, here’s your chance. And since it’s *almost* Oktoberfest, now is the best time to get over there. They open later today!

And if you’re worried about parking, they validate it for the Hilton Garden Inn across the street. Beware the desperate valets. (And I don’t mean they want you to valet your car…they want your digits.)

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