Cami Cakes: Atlanta, GA

October 5, 2010

Cami Cakes is the closest cupcake shop to me, and it is a perfectly acceptable substitute for only wanting a cupcake or two when I do not want to bake a ton for just me. This is always a problem…especially after you make over a hundred cupcakes for a car meet.

The shop itself is super cute, it makes me think of what a subway station would look like if it was kept marvelously clean and painted pink. Then you see the display case of cupcakes. Even at night, at least during the week, there is a good variety of cupcakes to choose from, if you’re not after the usual favorites. I shall mention two of mine.

My favorite is the mint chocolate, and I cannot live without it, although sometimes it feels like the frosting has too fake of a mint flavor to it. I don’t know if that’s the truth or if my taste buds are just revolted at first, but I generally can get into it because of the little mint chip bits. If you don’t pay attention to the site description, you are happily surprised to find the chips inside the cake too.

The raspberry almond cream, something I’d normally think has too much going on with it, is awesome too. It’s a raspberry chocolate cake, topped with a cream cheese frosting that isn’t heavy at all, plus almonds and raspberries.

Everything else I haven’t cared that much about, when you love to bake cupcakes, most don’t stand out to you. But like I said, if you need a cupcake fix without making 2 dozen for yourself, it works.

Also the staff is pretty friendly, something that makes everything better. I definitely had a conversation about Patrick Kane and his cabbie issues with the cashier on my first visit…

I am sorry once again for the lack of posting, but the very next morning after my Der Biergarten post I found someone had not only broken into my car, but they had broken in with the intent to leave with it. So, I haven’t been in the mood for much of anything other than watching it like a hawk. Hopefully I can get back to regularly posting again.

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