FLiP Burger Boutique: Buckhead

October 19, 2010

FLIP’s brand new Buckhead location opens today: located at 3655 Roswell Road, in what used to be a Blockbuster. If you’ve been to the Howell Mill location, don’t expect a repeat of the menu. There’s some new stuff on here, from potato skins to carnitas burgers.

Yesterday, I thought I was being an awful student, missing a class to come to a blogger event to taste a ton of stuff from the menu…I about died when I checked to see what I missed and saw an email that said class had been cancelled. Can you imagine if I had chose wanting to take notes on bank regulaton over this end result?

I have no idea where to begin. It still pains my stomach to look at these pictures…actually because I want more of it.

Richard Blais told us all about the place, it’s set up a bit differently from the first location, with its own style (while still slightly similar), and that all locations of FLiP will be different somehow. Like I said, the menu is different from the West Midtown one. They are “farm to nitrogen tank to table,” so don’t forget that. We apparently did not laugh enough. I was totally psyched to meet him because my grandma LOVES Top Chef way too much. He is one of her favorites, even though she calls him Henry. I called them yesterday afternoon and told them about this, and she wanted to call him Simon now (she was somehow confused I was talking about Michael Symon from the Food Network), and my grandpa is telling her “the guy with the pinhead hair!” (obviously not Symon now right?) Somehow…this helped her remember his actual name, and she went on to tell me about how she likes that they bring him back on occasion, and that he made ice cream on some show.
He was super cool, and remembered my friend and I coming up with 1am nicknames on Twitter for him based around Henry…I once received a reply for “SIR HENRY RICHARD BLAIS OF LIQUID NITROGENCHESTER.” So, yeah…he remembered that.

Can we talk about the food now? Oh yes. All 4308975928 plates of it. That is not an exact number. That is just how it felt.
The first picture up top shows 3 burgers: we were given one called the belly melt, which is a different take on a bacon cheeseburger. Instead of bacon, there’s pork belly. If you think bacon is like pork belly, you are wrong. I am not much of a pork belly fan because its far too chewy for my liking, but I could get behind this.
There was also the Kbq burger, a Korean BBQ style burger of short rib, plus kimchee, Korean ketchup, and garlic. This was probably my favorite.
And last on that plate was the V-9 burger, composed of grains and beans and topped with tomato and pickled cauliflower. Not a bad option for a veggie burger at all.

This was the steak tartare burger presented in a much easier to handle form, considering how many burgers were brought out after it. I’d actually never had steak tartare before, so I was all over this. And it was awesome. And then my adventurous side ended.

blurry venison burgers: could not bring myself to do it. Tablemates said it was good, and not too gamey tasting at all.

Carnitas burgers up front, Ossobuco burgers out back. I may have tried the carnitas one if my stomach wasn’t already full. They also brought out a chorizo burger, but at that point it was too late. It was already coma time. (But I may have finished one of the little glasses of a Thai Chai shake after that. So what.)

Now some of the sides and salads: we were brought a good number of them, from beet salad to the ever amazing fries.

My favorite was probably the potato skins: the skins of the potatoes used for the fries fried like potato chips and topped with their own homemade cheese “wizard” (since they can’t use whiz, they go with wizard) and bacon marmalade. These are awesome.

If you think you don’t like beets, you should eat this anyway. They are like candy. And that is not mold, that’s foam. Come on. This is 2010.

Fried pickles and vodka battered onion rings. The pickles dipped in the sriracha buttermilk…I am trying to prevent myself from going out the door and driving back there, and the thought of them does not help. So. Good.

They are only like crack because they are cooked in a mixture of duck fat, peanut oil, and some other fat I forgot because I stopped listening and started putting them into my mouth.

And you may be thinking, who would get a salad? But this was good. I could not save the Caesar one from being taken away because everybody else thought it would be a waste of space, but this one has bacon. It must be protected. And I must have some of it.

No trip to FLiP is complete without shakes.

We tried the Krispy Kreme, Nutella and burnt marshmallow, Nut’n Honey, and Thai Chai shakes. (If you’ve already had the first two, it’s still trying again. Right?) My favorite had to be the Thai Chai. It’s in the back in that picture, and the name makes you think it might be like actual Chai tea. It is actually a bit orange in color, just like Thai iced tea, and that’s precisely what it tastes like. Now, when I said earlier I had to finish it even though I was full, you understand. Nut’n Honey is also a new shake, it’s their take on Honey Nut Cheerios as a shake. It wasn’t too bad, but with these other options, no. There is also an Apple Pie one on the menu.

Some people think FLiP is overpriced for what you get, and those people are liars and you should not listen to them. If you are still hungry after a burger, a shake, and share a side, you need help. (Hell if you can still eat a full side and bitch about being hungry, GET HELP.)
This place is halfway between my apartment and my boyfriend’s condo. I am going to accidentally only be able to get 2 1/2 miles away quite often now.
The traffic is going to suck though. They turned on the light at Powers Ferry today. If you are trying to get back to Piedmont Road from here and you have a low car with a stiff suspension, don’t turn around in that shopping center across the street unless you hate your life. Take it from me, however there are cupcakes over there, but not on Mondays, so it might be worth the horrific noises other days of the week. Also learned it is then way easier to go down to Habersham and turn left then right onto Piedmont. Suckers.

FLiP chef & kitchen: you rule. A lot.

For shots of the interior, and omg me and Richard Blais (I think thanks to his “sleeked back on a bike” hair, my bangs that rebelled against everything I tried look less noticable, right?), plus everything in large form: all pictures can be found here!

By the way: be on the lookout for an announcement on a new concept from the team over in the Virginia-Highland area!

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