Taste of Atlanta Recap

October 28, 2010

I used 22 tickets. On myself. I saw Kevin Gillespie. He was amazing. I look forward to next year, as usual, and this year was much better than the last.

Pizzelle from Varasano’s Pizza: olives, capicola, arugula (I think it was like a fried baby calzone of their Nucci pizza maybe?) I need to eat pizza there already. Even though this little baby calzone was totally hot as hell when I got it, I ate it so fast because it was that fantastic.
Spicy Tuna Roll from Genki: alright. Not too fond of the sauce they use, but for two tickets, it took care of the sushi craving I had.
Butternut Squash Soup from Empire State South: It was good, but it was kind of odd that they didn’t provide any sort of spoon for it. It was hard to get the red pepper paste on top combined with the soup.
Parmesan & Truffle Popcorn from 4th & Swift: Good, but when you get the same flavor combination on another food…it’s hard to find the positives of popcorn compared to fries…
Parmesan & Truffle Pommes Frites from JCT Kitchen: One obviously can never get enough of parmesan and truffle. These fries were incredible.
Chocolate and Red Velvet mini cupcakes from Highland Bakery: Not bad. I don’t really think minis are a good way for bakeries to showcase their cakes at all, but the red velvet was good.
Salted Caramel ice cream from Morelli’s: This stuff is not right. They were actually all out of ice cream, but were cool enough to bring some more in even after 4pm. We were told half an hour but not even 20 minutes later, they had some again, with a few different flavors than before from what the people in front of us complained about. I didn’t notice because I’ve wanted that ice cream forever. There is a reason we are not close to each other, Morelli’s. That was heaven.
Chicken Tikka Masala from Bhojanic: I repeated, which is probably pathetic, but I could smell it and I could not resist it. However the pink color was rather frightening.
Grindhouse style slider from Grindhouse Killer Burgers: I’ve had one before but I could not resist. It was deliciously greasy.
Red Velvet Pancakes from West Egg Cafe: PLEASE FOR THE LOVE OF GOD PUT THIS ON YOUR MENU or else I am going to have to make my own and that is bad news for everybody.

I wanted to get this posted already, since the party was over a couple days ago. I’ll be adding pictures that are, once again, provided by my friend Emma because I had no idea where my memory card ended up. Boo.

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  1. Here are my photos! I didn’t take so many as my hands were usually full of food. It takes up most of the first page here: http://s825.photobucket.com/albums/zz178/strawberrysgirl/

    Enjoy!! I know I would KILL for some more of those red velvet pancakes*!

    *disclaimer: I would not actually kill, and especially not for pancakes, but they were delicious.

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