NaNoWriMo…and food.

November 10, 2010

I am participating in (and terribly behind on) NaNoWriMo – National Novel Writing Month. My “novel” is about a couple who with a lot of luck, take off on a road trip from Atlanta, making a giant loop across the US, into Canada, and back.
I have found it hilarious lately to see how I have been including their stops to eat in here, which I will credit to normally writing about food when not writing about the functions of the government of Zimbabwe (or lack thereof).
It’s quite fun even though I am like a good 5,000 words back from where I should be, but I get to make every single word up once I have names and streets and directions…I don’t know how the food is in the middle of Mississippi, but I can find how to get there on Google Maps and come up with a general idea of how it might taste.
One day I am going to do this trip for real…I may not have a Swedish boyfriend who won a hundred grand in a lottery and bought us an Audi convertible to drive, that will somehow never break down, but doing the food research makes me want to actually visit places.
And my trip would definitely be during hockey season…
So, between this and uh…yeah…hockey season, that explains why I have nothing to post. I tried. I have somehow fallen for the Thrashers because they are endearing and local. Who knew you could apply your enjoyment of eating local food to deciding you can be partially a fan of a local team? DOESN’T WORK FOR BASKETBALL OR FOOTBALL SORRY BYE!