Baked Sunday Mornings(…Tuesday Evenings?): Sweet & Salty Brownies

December 7, 2010

Since there are no hockey games I am interested in tonight, and I am actually awake and not slumped over on a couch, I HAVE A BLOG POST. REALLY!

Upon seeing the Nutella Scones made for the First BAKED Sunday Mornings recipe, I decided I 1) needed to buy Baked Explorations and 2) needed to join this group for the next recipe. Blog posts are SUPPOSED to be posted on Sunday mornings as OBVIOUSLY indicated by the name, but ever since my birthday I have had one illness after the other. Finally, I am well enough to bake and eat a brownie, despite still not having an appetite.

These are ridiculous. I’ve never made the regular Baked Brownie, but I wouldn’t bother as salted caramel is the way into my heart. I have never made caramel before, and it is way easy, and I am still proud.

I could eat it from the pot. I really could.

So I messed up when I made them…I am still a bit out of it, so I poured way too much batter in at first, then of course way too much caramel, and I ended up swirling the caramel into the brownie batter in order to save everything. This worked out just fine…but seriously when it says don’t overdo the caramel in the recipe, LISTEN. TO. IT.
I also didn’t use Fleur de Sel because I refuse to buy it until I am in France. So, California Sea Salt is all I have for right now, sorry baking gods. Also, for coarse sugar, I could not resist silver sugar.

Now I will be freezing the rest of these to take home for Christmas. The extra caramel sauce is not going with, as I will be eating it over the next few days on its own.

Baker Assistant Panda and I await our next recipe, until then check out everyone else’s brownies!

Since I really do want to bake through this entire book, I will be doing the Nutella scones one of these days, probably not until March though. That way, I can actually make them on a Sunday morning, as I used to make scones every so often before F1 races!