I started this blog originally to share recipes, mainly of cupcakes, but of other things I made too. I wanted to do movie reviews but I sort of lost my form after film class ended…so instead I went with restaurants. Whenever I go on fun little adventures, those make good posts too.

As for me, I am Amanda, I tend to go by mandapanda, a nickname that two years ago I hated. I was born in Chicago, moved to Chattanooga when I was 11, and moved out at 21 to Atlanta, where I am going to school and failing miserably at finding a job. Not. Cool. I love it here anyway, I love that I can see skyscrapers from where I live, but the lack of stars kind of sucks. Seeing 3 Maseratis a day on occasion is pretty cool, and I must say I really enjoy being passed by BMW M6s on Roswell Road every time I go near it. Eventually I’m going to school to study Economics and then I’m hopefully going to boss men around, in hopes one will cry. Then I can retire happily. Yes, I’ve planned that far ahead.
Likes: food in general, Formula 1, hard cider, creating weird cupcakes, twisty roads (which has in Atlanta become on/off ramps), dancing around to “Ray Ban Glasses” remixes, pandas, cute animals in general especially if they come in stuffed animal form, the feeling when food burns both my entire mouth and stomach, Greek yogurt with honey, Chick-Fil-A’s peppermint chocochip milkshake which by default means I like Christmas, glitter, especially in the form of Urban Decay eyeshadow, the Pittsburgh Penguins, especially their goalie who I lovingly refer to as McFleury, frozen yogurt, seeing beautiful cars and not caring if those driving them cut me off even if they’re jerks, cheap delicious French champagnes, cane sugar sodas, finding ways to cover things in cinnamon, daydreaming about what cars I will one day own, economics, Puma motorsport shoes, gelato, Top Gear, outdoing people in jackass driving maneuvers
Dislikes: waking up before 9, Buford Highway ricers (dudes in pink celicas and lime green eclipses? fast and the furious was cool 5 years ago), freakouts over “snow,” feeling like a bum with no job, Twitter spammers, people thinking I should go to culinary school, METAL PLATES COVERING ROADS, not being able to find cans of Strongbow, having hair so long and thick it likes to tangle up every 3 hours, people wearing pajamas in public

email: deadlyweapons@gmail.com
twitter: megapanda
livejournal: surrenderface
aim: robot panda rock



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    You can also add a picture for your blog. This blog photo shows up next to your posts wherever they appear on Urbanspoon. Just head on over to your blog page on Urbanspoon to claim it:


    You’ll find some interesting badges and widgets there. Let me know if you have any questions.

    Also, I have to say that the gorgeous picture of chocolate chip cookies you have up is totally making me drool.

    • Thank you! I am starting to wish I had posted the cookies back last week when they were still around to eat because now every time I look at the page I want them 😦

  2. […] skills to make a header. It works, that’s all that matters. The next step was to update the About page for the fun of it, since I realized the only thing really talking about me was the little box on […]

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