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Guinness Chocolate Cupcakes

March 19, 2010

Sims time did not happen yet because I am doing my own virus scan/removal that isn’t $130 and doesn’t take 2 days. Actually 2 days is totally possible right now. It’s been nearly an hour now and the little status bar has barely budged. So, first up: cupcake time!
Well…I thought I had my camera with me but I was wrong, so for the next 48 hours, you will have to deal with blurry unfrosted cupcakes as seen by a camera phone.

(if you make it small enough, nobody has to know it was taken in terrible lighting)
I don’t do Guinness. I tried it after making these cupcakes and I had to just immediately dump the rest. However, even if you are like me, it is so good in these cupcakes. It makes them super happy to rise up in the oven and then they are ridiculously moist. The frosting is kind of blah, but there are plenty of variations out there with Bailey’s frosting, which sounds amazing too. Read more



January 24, 2010

Yay camera phone when I am too lazy to bust out the regular camera. Seriously, I love that this phone doesn’t have flash.
So anyway, zeppole, in case you are not aware, are Italian doughnuts. They can be topped with powdered sugar, cinnamon sugar (the best), filled with jelly or custard, or even filled with something more savory depending on where you are in Italy. Read more



December 27, 2009

Figuring out what I was doing for Christmas was more work than necessary.
We can all thank this cake:

This was on the cover of Bon Appetit’s Christmas issue and as soon as I saw it I HAD TO MAKE IT. Read more


Iron Cupcake: Apple – Hard Cider Cupcakes with Cinnamon Mascarpone Cream

November 17, 2009

I was stumped when I first saw apple was the theme for this month’s Iron Cupcake…I knew the obvious apple cinnamon and caramel apple would be done repeatedly, so when I went back again to the website, I saw the word cider.
And I thought about my favorite alcoholic beverage. I had it. Read more


Caipirinhas to Blondies

October 22, 2009

After eating at Fogo De Chao I had an undeniable urge for more caipirinhas. This included then driving all the way up to Alpharetta to Total Wine and picking up a bottle of cachaça. I’d heard of Leblon, so that’s the kind I got…and then I failed twice at making one. I don’t know if my fruit to cachaça ratio was too low or what, but even adding in club soda did not help…in fact that picture above is about half club soda, half cachaça. Also, yes, I had to make a pomegranate lime one. Read more


Iron Cupcake: Music – PATRON TEQUILA: Margarita Cupcakes

October 19, 2009

IRON CUPCAKE IS BACK, CELEBRATE! The theme is music, and I have chosen…
Paradiso Girls -Patron Tequila
…I am kind of ashamed I went with this song, but as soon as I saw it when I was scrolling through my iPod I had an immediate idea. I don’t hide it very well that I LOVE PATRON. I mean they sponsor one of my favorite racing teams and every person involved is so cool…plus they just won the championship in American Le Mans last weekend, so this is a very celebratory cupcake for me, as is listening to my “Patron Tequila” song.
I wouldn’t have listened to this song if it wasn’t for the fact that there are some decent remixes of it (see link above: my favorite is the This/Is Remix, or the Steel remix)…It’s a totally trashy party song, and I’m not afraid to say I love to listen to it loudly in my car as I drive around. Read more


Pomegranate Cupcakes with Pom-Vanilla Bean Buttercream

September 28, 2009

While pondering if I was going to need to build an ark last week, I got an email from Kristen at POM Wonderful, asking if I was interested in a sample of their juice.
…forget flooding, I am in, now just what can I make with that?!
Of course my immediate idea was cupcakes, and obviously I went with that, but little did I know just how much POM Wonderful juice was on the way to me. Read more