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Review: Baja Fresh

March 27, 2010

(I have no idea how) Long ago, Baja Fresh could be found in Atlanta, but they closed their chains. I really had no idea Baja Fresh existed until I saw at least 8 different billboards while I was in Chicago in September and then in December Joe returned from Washington DC and wouldn’t stop talking about it. We knew one was opening downtown…but we had no idea when. I pretty much forgot about it, up until I realized it was there a couple days ago. I then wanted to punch myself because I took my mom to the aquarium and walked RIGHT by in order to go to the CNN food court, a farther walk in the rain last week. Read more


Kalahari Chocolatte Teas

March 21, 2010

I claim a billion times that I prefer loose leaf teas…but a trip to Publix a couple weeks ago found me face to face with boxes of the most incredible sounding tea bags ever, as seen above. I love tea, and I love chocolate, and a combination of both is most impressive. I purchased, immediately heated up water when I returned home, and that was that. Read more


Review: Yoforia Vinings

February 9, 2010

picture via Yoforia’s Facebook page

I’ve reviewed Yoforia before, as in their Perimeter Mall location, but their new location in Vinings is totally different.
There were three flavors in the mall, and a set price for a size and toppings.
Vinings location: 12 flavors of yogurt and toppings by the ounce.
Last Saturday they had free yogurt for their grand opening…I was totally there. We ventured out that way for dinner and ate at The Burger Club, which I really don’t want to review because it was just odd. Alright, but totally odd. That is all I have to say. Read more


Review: Juicy Green

February 1, 2010

Juicy Green is one of the several frozen yogurt places throughout Atlanta. They have three locations, and at one point had one in Alpharetta which is now closed. I’m guessing this is the original, and there are now locations downtown and in Virginia-Highland.
Different from other froyo spots, Juicy Green also offers a selection of gelato. If they had gianduja/hazelnut-chocolate, whatever you want to call it, I would have gotten that instead, but I had to go with frozen yogurt. This is helpful if you are out with someone who doesn’t like the tartness of frozen yogurt, but does like ice cream. Read more


Review: Bobby G’s Chicago Eatery

January 28, 2010

True story: I am a horrible person who left Bobby G’s Chicago Eatery’s first location in Alpharetta after reviewing the menu and deeming it “unworthy” because deep dish pizza is not an option. In my defense, that is what I was seriously craving. But I am a moron because I never thought about going there for anything else. It’s somewhat out of the way, even when Joe lived in Alpharetta, so after he moved a couple months later I never really thought of it again.
Fast forward to November when I decided that I need Chicago food. I go to their website. I see OPENING SOON: LINDBERGH CITY CENTER LOCATION. I freak out. I CAN WALK THERE. Read more


Review: Raging Burrito & Taco

January 26, 2010

Up until last summer, I had never eaten at Raging Burrito…although I had been inside many a time. This was before Raging Taco existed, I think the bar on the other side was called Azul? Anyway, Raging Burrito was home to Decatur Social Club up until late June 2008…and I do still miss it dearly. But of course that’s not what this is about. Actually, both times I have been to Raging Burrito, this is what it ends up being about because it’s like visiting the grave of a friend. Read more


a long delayed CIDER MEGAPOST!

January 24, 2010

I started writing this in November, as apparent by the permalink. I then forgot to ever post it so I am FINALLY doing so.
I love cider. I really do. Apples fit up there somewhere in my top 5 favorite fruits, so it is only fitting that apple juice turned alcoholic is a favorite thing of mine.
We were looking for a Finnish vodka in Total Wine in Alpharetta to no avail, and I just sort of wandered over to the individual bottles of beer in order to keep my mind off the sparkly silver bottle of raspberry vodka that I am dying to have. Then the next day of this whole project, I picked up a 500ml bottle of some other English cider. Obviously this just snowballed into something more. Read more