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Review: Bobby G’s Chicago Eatery

January 28, 2010

True story: I am a horrible person who left Bobby G’s Chicago Eatery’s first location in Alpharetta after reviewing the menu and deeming it “unworthy” because deep dish pizza is not an option. In my defense, that is what I was seriously craving. But I am a moron because I never thought about going there for anything else. It’s somewhat out of the way, even when Joe lived in Alpharetta, so after he moved a couple months later I never really thought of it again.
Fast forward to November when I decided that I need Chicago food. I go to their website. I see OPENING SOON: LINDBERGH CITY CENTER LOCATION. I freak out. I CAN WALK THERE. Read more


Review: Ok Cafe

November 3, 2009

I was given a simple request by my boyfriend as he returned from Columbia, Tennessee…and that request was “I want a milkshake.” I’d been eyeing the menu of Ok Cafe for awhile now, since any place that has a burger with jalapenos on the menu is always a plus. Since I am not much into breakfast foods beyond chocolate croissants and poppy seed bagels, I have no interest in coming here for breakfast, so this will be based off better meals. (Blah blah I don’t care if breakfast is so ~wonderful~ for you, the food is not my favorite) Read more


Review: Fogo de Chao-Brazilian Grand Prix

October 18, 2009

Fogo de Chao is the most fitting place to eat when you wish to celebrate the Brazilian Grand Prix…In fact, Jenson Button, now the Formula 1 World Champion, took the British press out to a churrascaria the other night, according to his Twitter page. But do you *really* need a reason to come here other than the obvious: all you can eat steak and other meats.
Considering qualifying Saturday afternoon took about 9 hours in the rain, it was only fitting that it started to rain as we drove up Piedmont in order to get to Fogo. Rain, a couple guys who look like distant relatives of Brazilian race car drivers, a drink that tastes entirely of Brazilian rum, and a whole lot of Brazilian steakhouse eating, what more could you ask for? Read more


Review: Fellini’s Pizza

October 6, 2009

It may already be Tuesday, but pizza and Sweetwater 420 at Fellini’s has already made my week. I’ve been having a rough time lately with how freaking impossible it is to find a job around here (who knew you needed a bunch of skills to work at Macy’s? They do realize they’re like…Sears now.) and the fact that I have made like two friends in two months. I told Joe I needed a job, 6 new friends, and a pizza if he wanted to help me feel better, and sadly only one of those was really feasible, but at least it’s the most delicious choice.
I love Fellini’s way too much. Coming from Chattanooga, I can definitely tell that Lupi’s pizza up there is the stepchild of Fellini’s, down to the composition of their salads. However, I prefer Fellini’s for sure. One of the highlights of where I live is that Fellini’s is never far away. I am definitely trying to not make them a weekly thing in my life, but I don’t know if I can help it. Read more


Coca-Cola Freestyle [Wendy’s in Buckhead]

September 16, 2009

I went out in the rain today to the nearest location of a Coca-Cola Freestyle machine to me: Wendy’s. The signs on the window inform you of the fantastic opportunity awaiting inside: the choice of over 100 sodas in one machine.
Now in case you haven’t heard of the magnificent new breakthrough in soda dispensers, you are missing out.
First off here’s an image from their facebook profile:

Read more


Nancy’s Pizza: Buckhead

September 13, 2009

Well…I WAS going to take a picture of my remaining slice of deep dish pizza before I devoured it…sadly it took me nearly 3 hours to realize that I ate it without doing so…oops.
There has been an empty feeling in my stomach since returning from Chicago, having not had Giordano’s or Lou Malnati’s or Uno’s etc, etc…so the next best thing was to head to Nancy’s.
Last year, Joe and I made a trek from Alpharetta to the Midtown location, having no idea that there was nowhere to eat inside, along with construction going on, so by the time we got the pizza back to Alpharetta, it was probably no longer hot, and I wasn’t impressed. Read more


Review: Genki Noodles and Sushi

August 21, 2009

Straight up: The noodles are the only redeeming factor and they are pretty good. Like it/dislike it is like a pass/fail class, so consider me liking Genki as them having a C- or a D, if I was important and that mattered. As I looked this place up on urbanspoon for the link at the bottom, I noticed something..I am quite amazed by the Citysearch image shown on the page, the restaurant honestly looked nothing like that. Maybe they need to buy lightbulbs or I need new glasses because it was not that attractive inside (or maybe that’s the wonders of a small image). Read more