Review: Bobby G’s Chicago Eatery

January 28, 2010

True story: I am a horrible person who left Bobby G’s Chicago Eatery’s first location in Alpharetta after reviewing the menu and deeming it “unworthy” because deep dish pizza is not an option. In my defense, that is what I was seriously craving. But I am a moron because I never thought about going there for anything else. It’s somewhat out of the way, even when Joe lived in Alpharetta, so after he moved a couple months later I never really thought of it again.
Fast forward to November when I decided that I need Chicago food. I go to their website. I see OPENING SOON: LINDBERGH CITY CENTER LOCATION. I freak out. I CAN WALK THERE. Read more


  1. Glad you liked it this our newest location and is owned and operated by our 1st franchisee Glenn Kaas a Chicagoan himslef. Were excited about the visibility and as difficult as it is to maintain 100% athenticity when you 650 miles south of Chicago we are doing our best. Nice to see when someone appreciates our efforts. Any issues crop up feel free to let me know.


    • Thanks for reading! I can’t wait for it to warm up as I’ll be over there constantly.

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